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The Videos

The 3 videos below are in chronological order. The first two involve the infamous "Windows Assurances" and the 3rd one shows 2 School Committee members silencing Assistant Superintendent Brad Crozier before he can answer a question from a parent during public comment.

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Two short clips of Board of Selectmen meetings
• March 5 & 26, 2007 • 2.5 minutes

FinCom Chair Cherry Karlson refers to the "understanding" that if a school were to close, Happy Hollow would not be that school at both the March 5, 2007 and the March 26, 2007 meetings.
Eleven months later, addressing a group of parents at Loker school, she flatly denied that there was an agreement of any kind. After this video surfaced, on March 3, 2008, she and fellow FinCom members collectively concluded that according to "its recollection of the 2007 events regarding the Happy Hollow capital expense (windows)...nothing resembling an agreement with any other committee or department was made to keep Happy Hollow School open for any specified period of time." (See FinCom's minutes about that here)

However, on the video of March 26, 2007 she says "One of our concerns was that if we were to put this type of money into an elementary school, we would wanted to make certain that this would be one that would remain open, and we were told that it would be."

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Wayland Annual Town Meeting • April 29, 2007 • 7 minutes

The Annual Town Meeting video is one where this so-called "windows assurances" is referred to by then Selectmen Alan Reiss and where School Committee member Jeff Dieffenbach states that we're 3-5 years away from closing a school. This was 8 months prior to he and fellow board members voted to close Loker School.

"You Don't Have To Answer That!" • March 10, 2008 • 1 minute

This is from the School Committee meeting on March 10, 2008. As the title implies, this is the part where Ms. Pineault & Ms. Fletcher nearly simultaneioulsy jump in and tell Mr. Crozier not to answer when asked by a community member why Loker was never considered the 1 - 5 school. As soon as the question is asked, Mr. Crozier quickly turns his gaze from the woman asking the question to look at Ms. Fletcher.

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To read the transcript from Town Meeting, click here.


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