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Safety & Traffic Issues

Dr. Burton stated several times in January and February of 2008 that he thought Happy Hollow would be the better school for the Grades 1-5 school because it had a "better traffic flow", without ever mentioning the topic of safety.

Concerns were raised at the meetings about traffic & safety that were dismissed by the SC, so a group of Loker parents got together and hired Michael Abend, a professional traffic consultant to examine the two schools. His report confirmed what seemed to be evident from the satellite photos - that Loker was the safer school to handle the additional traffic brought on by 100 additional students. The SC summarily dismissed his findings because his services were paid for by Loker parents and therefore might be skewed to favor Loker.

Perhaps in an effort to undermine his credibility, Dr. Burton denied that Mr. Abend had ever been hired by the town to work on the Middle School some years earlier, as he'd claimed. However, Mr. Abend was indeed hired by the Chair of the Wayland Middle School Building Committee to design the middle school traffic pattern.

The Traffic Reports

The Original Abend Traffic Report The Response The Rebuttal

Happy Hollow pick up
A typical 3pm pick-up at Happy Hollow