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2009 Elementary MCAS

The chart below was put together using information from the Mass. Dept. of Education and the Boston Globe’s website.

It illustrates that Claypit Hill School outperforms Happy Hollow School across the board. In the combined categories of Advanced & Proficient, Claypit consistently outperforms Happy Hollow. On the other end of the spectrum Claypit still comes out on top at every level by having fewer students in the combined Needs Improvement & Warning/Failing categories.



Another way to look at the results is how CH and HH ranked against other schools in the state. The chart below shows the ranking of each school comparing the percentage of students who were either “Advanced” or “Proficient” for each subject and grade with schools across the state. Once again, CH consistently outperforms HH, in some cases with 100 or more other schools from around the state in between.
The ranking was done by

mcas 2

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