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Just The Facts

With so many different points of view and such raw feelings about the school closing, it is useful to have a list of irrefutable facts regarding Loker's closing.
  • It took 18 months to create the Wayland Schools Core Values list, but less than 1 month to decide to close the #2 elementary school in the state.

  • On April 27, 2007 Jeff Dieffenbach publicly stated "We're probably at least 3-5 years away from having to make a closure." Eight months later, he and his fellow SC members voted to close Loker School.

  • Until recently, Assistant Superintendent Brad Crozier was the Principal at Happy Hollow School.

  • Several months before the decision to close Loker, Assistant Superintendent Brad Crozier drew up 9 possible scenarios, all of which showed Happy Hollow as the school to remain open, with Loker as the school to close in each of the 9 scenarios.

  • At the March 10 meeting, when a member from the community asked Assistant Superintenedent Brad Crozier why Loker was never considered as the school to keep open and all nine of the scenarios he drew up showed Happy Hollow as the school to keep open, before he could answer, members of the School Committee interrupted by saying, "You don't have to answer that, Brad!" (click to see video) This question and the non-answer that followed it are both notably absent from the SC minutes of the meeting.

  • On March 26, 2007, Finance Committee Chair Cherry Carlson says this (see video) at the Board of Selectmen meeting:

    “The School Committee has talked about that there seems to be a trend of  declining enrollment and that if that were to continue, that they would contemplate needing to close an elementary school. One of our concerns was that if we were to put this type of money into an elementary school, we wanted to make certain that this is one that would remain open, and we were told that it would be.”

  • Eight months later, she assures a group of Loker parents from the stage of the Loker auditorium, that there was no deal for the windows at Happy Hollow.

  • During the decision to close Loker, School Committee Chair Barb Fletcher when asked about the windows deal, says that she never heard of any such deal. However, eight months prior, she can be seen on the video of March 26, 2007 entering the room shortly before Ms. Carlson speaks the words above.

  • In April, 2007, voters are asked to vote to allow $750,000 for new windows for Happy Hollow school, without ever being told about the above agreement between the Finance Committee and the School Committee not to close HH if it is decided to close a school.

  • In January, Loker students found out their school was closing before their parents did, by a note sent home in their backpacks.

  • At the February 25th SC meeting, Dr. Burton stated that Happy Hollow's cafeteria "is slightly smaller" than Loker's. In fact, Loker's cafeteria is more than three times the size of Happy Hollow's

  • The $300,000 in savings from the closure represents less than 1% of the annual school budget.

  • Dr. Burton rejected ideas like charging for busing or extracurricular activities.

  • SC Chair Barb Fletcher misrepresented the words of Traffic Consultant Michael Abend, stating that he would not say which shcool was safer.

  • Loker has space for 47 cars in a pick up line. Happy Hollow has space for only 12.

  • Virtually all of the problems that the Loker parents warned the School Committee about have come to pass - hour-long bus rides, overcrowded schools, dangerously overcrowded cafeteria at HH, too little time for the kids to eat, excessively long lines at pick up, etc.

"The truth is "hate speech" only to those who have something to hide." ~ Michael Rivero