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Happy Hollow Cafeteria Loker Cafeteria
Happy Hollow cafeteria Loker cafeteria
Happy Hollow's cafeteria is said to hold 120 students at a time. However, when it was pointed out that Loker's would hold 200, Happy Hollow's seating was briefly increased to 150 on the School Committee website, as they said that they realized they could actually squeeze in more at HH than previously estimated. This 150 number didn't last very long, however, and the number was quickly changed back to 120. Loker's cafeteria routinely holds 200, though without any additional tables or space required, could easily accommodate about 240, if one additional child was added to each of the 2 sides of the 20 long tables that are set up every day. It also has a large bank of windows providing natural light, while HH is windowless.

The increased population (428 students), has completely maxed out at 6 lunch periods of 15 minutes each. At twice the size, Loker could easily accommodate the increased population with 3 lunch periods of 20 (or even 30) minutes each. Even if HH could "pull it off", it would be under far less comfortable conditions for the children and, at that point, HH would not have the flexibility that the Loker cafeteria would afford to handle more than a handful of additional students as further consolidation occurs.

This regulation indicates the permissible occupancy (floor area in square foot per occupant) for cafeterias. The regulation calls for 15 net square feet per occupant. The Dept. of Education ("DOE") also uses 15 net per square feet per occupant in its guidelines. The HH cafeteria is 1218 square feet. Under the regulation, and the DOE guidelines, the capacity for a cafeteria the size of HH's would be a maximum of 81. An occupancy of 120--or the 150 Brad Crozier suggested and the Committee adopted in its posted comparison -- would be well over the acceptable maximum occupancy cited by 780 CMR 1008 and the DOE.

In contrast, the Loker Cafeteria is 2332 square feet (almost twice the size of HH's) and can accommodate twice as many children.

Here are a few unsolicited comments from some Loker parents upon seeing the Happy Hollow cafeteria for the first time:

"The cafeteria is shockingly small"

"Now that I've seen the school, I really question how the SC could have chosen HH and said it with a straight face. How did they ever say that with a straight face?"

"The cafeteria is about the size of my dining room."

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