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The first column below was provided by Dr. Burton in February of 2008. The other 3 columns are from the FY10 School Budget, which can be found on Page 22 of this document on the Schools' website.

Wayland Administrative Salaries

  FY08 FY09 Budget FY09 Actual FY10 Salary
Gary Burton, Superintendent $169,843 $179,184 $180,080 $185,482
Brad Crozier, Assistant Superintendent $127,000 $131,445 $132,102 $136,065
Joy Buhler, Business Administrator $118,083 $124,578 $125,201 $128,957

Joy Buhler has been replaced by Geoff MacDonald as of the end of August, 2010. For some reason, neither the Administration nor the School Committee recognized this as an opportunity to reel in the salaries and shave several thousand dollars off of this $129,000 salary, instead offering Mr. MacDonald exactly the same salary as Ms. Buhler who was on the job for 15 years.
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