TRANSCRIPTION OF 2007 ANNUAL TOWN MEETING Sunday, April 29, 2007, 1pm Wayland

High School Fieldhouse.

Under Article 5FY2008 OMNIBUS BUDGET, motion to amend, excepting Capital Budget

Item 18, $735,000 Happy Hollow Window Replacement

Motion made by Steven Glovsky

MR. GLOVSKY: Due to declining population it has been discussed in this meeting that a school will be closed. In the past we have heard that Happy Hollow is the school to be closed. It seems that if we are presented with the possibility of closing a school in the near future, that spending $735,000 on the school most likely to be closed at this time seems to be unnecessary. I am proposing that we not include that in this year's capital budget.

MODERATOR: Anyone want to speak to this motion? Mr. Dieffenbach? [then a few procedural comments]

MR. DIEFFENBACH: Mr. Moderator, Jeff Dieffenbach, Pleasant Street, member of the

School Committee. Happy Hollow certainly would not be the first choice of elementary schools

to close. It has a much better gymnasium than Loker, it has a cafeteria that Loker does not have. We're probably at least three to five years away from having to make a closure due to enrollment needs. People may remember that this year's entering

kindergarten class at roughly 190 students, I think was 30-40 more than was anticipated so it's not even clear that there's a downward enrollment trend at the kindergarten level. Were Happy Hollow to be a building that would be closed, however, we

wouldn't be closing it and letting it deteriorate; we'd want to make sure it's in a good condition, so that it could be reopened at some point in the future in the same way that Loker was closed and then reopened. Thank You.

MODERATOR: Mr. Reiss, I recognize you sir.

MR. REISS: Mr. Moderator, Alan Reiss, Old Connecticut Path. Well, you gotta fix

The windows... and my understanding from the FinCom is that if an elementary school were to be closed in the future that we had a verbal commitment that Happy Hollow would not be that one, especially with respect to any future override.

If there is any disagreement with that, please let me know. Thank you.